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The Rise of Baccarat

Baccarat has been around since the 15th century. But now, it is more popular than ever, both in Vegas and online. In July alone, casinos from the Las Vegas Strip reported more than $190 million was wagered at Baccarat tables, a huge jump from the previous year.

Players aren’t just flocking to Vegas, but are also heading in droves to play online Baccarat. The game, a long-time favorite of high rollers, is attracting new players due to its low house edge, the fact that the cards are dealt to the end of shoe, and the big wins that can be taken home in just one session. Bet365, William Hill, and Jackpot City are some of the top online casinos that feature Baccarat.

Though online casinos don’t take $100,000 bets like in Vegas, you can still win big online. Online Casino Reports recommends you choose one of its top 10 online casinos if you want to experience the real Vegas feel of online Baccarat.

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